Ways Seniors Can Sleep Better On Overnight Flights

Ways Seniors Can Sleep Better On Overnight Flights

Now that you have retired and enjoying your golden years, travelling is probably one of those activities you enjoy doing the most. After all, there are no more tight schedules and you can travel the world as you wish provided you can afford it. But one thing is for sure, everyone who travels wants to reach their destination rested, feeling energetic, and ready to explore. To achieve this, you will have to learn and perfect the art of getting better sleep whenever you are on any overnight flight. Getting good sleep on an overnight flight might seem like a very difficult task especially for seniors. However, there are so many ways you can improve the quality of your sleep on overnight flights. The following tips can get you started.

  • Wear sleep-appropriate clothes

Well, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t said that you should go full-pajama on a plane. What I mean is that you should wear clothes that are breathable and non-binding for you to get good sleep in a long-haul flight. You should make sure you layer to make it effortless for you to easily adjust your temperature by shedding or adding items of good clothing.

  • Keep your feet warm

Plan cabins tend to be too cold in most cases. For you to improve your sleep quality when on an overnight flight, you should bring a pair of sleepers and fresh socks for an added insulation. This is because you will definitely take of your shoes when you want to sleep well.

  • Turn off that screen

Whenever you want to fall asleep on a plane, turn off or dim the setback screen. According to sleep experts, blue light that come from the screen has been known to be the most notorious sleep killer. It can even make sleep impossible completely for seniors because naturally, sleep eludes people as they age. If you want to create a good sleep atmosphere, then get rid of the blue light. Your seatmate will also thank you for turning off the screen because they won’t be bothered by the blue light.

  • Have an extra scarf or blanket

Yes, most flights usually include a shrink-wrapped blanket that is fresh and clean on every seat for passengers who are traveling overnight. But these blankets usually cannot cover your whole body. So bring a scarf or an extra blanket with you and use it to cover the top half of your body and use that airplane blanket for covering your bottom half. Find 2020 Medicare supplement quotes here https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/quotes/